Who, what, why... 
 Work background 

Hi there! My name is Alex, I am a Digital Designer, Mum of identical twins and lover of clothes.

I have always loved being creative and spent most of my childhood gluing, sticking and painting my way through.

I’m a lover of technology too, and started creating digital illustrations a year or so ago. I use an IPad Pro and pencil and draw directly onto the screen. With mine and my daughters’ love of animals, I started to create drawings and develop my unique style. One of my best friends suggested I put them onto children’s tee shirts and boom! Blue Lawn by Alex Tait was born.

I researched carefully to find a printer who would supply organic cotton tees and use vegan inks for printing, so the items are good quality and sustainably sourced.


I have over 17 years experience as a freelance designer working for a variety of companies in and around London.

I have worked on projects such as books for Sainsburys as well as promotional material for them and other large chains Asda and Superdrug.

I have also worked as a graphic designer on a range of magazines including Homes and Gardens, Now, OK, Look, Hair, EVE, Men's Health and many more. 

My photography skills enabled me to progress to work as art director on a variety of shoots for different magazines.   I currently work part time as a photo editor, for Rob Sambrook Photography, and also take on design work for other companies including logos; poster; large banners; brochures; leaflets.

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